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Issues for Leaders Building a Culture of Thought Leadership

Leaders: “Our employees should be thought leaders!”
Have you heard that? (I certainly have.)
An organization’s thought leadership work needs #leadership.
Here are five issues that #leaders need to answer —
if they want to build a culture of thought leadership.

1. 🕜 Time Allocated
Employee: “Is this thought leadership work ‘on top of’ everything else I’m supposed to get done for you? Can I let anything go?”

2. 💶 Incentives
Employee: “If I do thought leadership well, willl it show up in my annual review / bonus? Will this help my career path here?”

3. ⚖️ Ownership
Employee: “If I create thought leadership, does the idea belong to the company or to me?”

4. 🆘 Support
Employee: “Will you support me with resources, budget, or skill development? Or am I on my own??”

5. 📈 Measures
Employee: “How will I/we agree to measure success?”

You hired smart people.

They know their audiences.

They want to be seen as smart.

—but —

If you want them to practice thought leadership,
then YOU (as a leader) need to support them.

That’s the leadership part of thought leadership.

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