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Invite Criticism!

One thing I know about thought leadership practitioners:
We can fall in love ❤️ with our own ideas!
So, invite criticism! 👀

Feedback and dialogue makes thought leadership better.
It helps us find the weak spots.
The ones we cannot see ourselves.

Often individuals and organizations suffer from “content insecurity.”
They fear an idea isn’t good enough.
So, they keep the idea to themselves.
They polish and polish and polish, hoping to reach that mythic 💯%.

But ideas don’t grow stronger through perfectionism.
Ideas advance when they’re put out into the world.
When they’re tried, tested, and used productively.

🧪 Scientists use the peer review process to test ideas. They invite others to confirm the study’s findings are sound and replicable.

📊 Marketers seek input through panels and focus groups. They make sure a product is needed, valued, and relevant.

💾 Software developers seek out user feedback. They collect bug reports and make UX improvements based on actual use.

🎬 Filmmakers use test screening to refine their final edit. They find the best way to tell their story, and ensure the audience loves it.

Now, not all feedback is equal.
There’s a big difference between trolling and constructive input.
Welcome constructive criticism 😍 and ignore the trolls👿.

When someone points out a flaw in your insights (and they will)–
Thank them!
Then, use their feedback to make your idea sharper.

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