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How to Practice Thought Leadership

“How do *you* sustain your thought leadership work?”
I’ve asked a lot of people that question.
And there’s a consistent pattern
among people who are successful.

Sustaining thought leadership requires
alignment in three areas:

😍 Your Passion for the Topic
You’ll spend a lot of time thinking and talking
about this topic, so it needs to be one you love.
Otherwise, you’ll lose interest out fast.
And this is work measured in years not days.

πŸ“ˆ Your Org’s Goals
Tie your thought leadership to your org’s goals.
When you do, it’s easier to get your
budget requests approved.
(And your performance evals go much better.)

🎁 Your Audience’s Needs
Perhaps the most important piece.
Know your audience and serve them.
Focus on being deeply relevant to them.

The best practitioners of thought leadership
find the sweet spot where all three overlap.

It may take time and repositioning.
But you can tell when someone’s found their lane.

Their ideas are fire πŸ”₯.
Their org supports their work πŸ’―.
Their audience is filled with raving fans πŸŽ‰

That’s how to practice thought leadership.

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