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How Should Orgs Use Thought Leadership?

What can thought leadership be used for?

Here are a few examples that I’ve seen work successfully.

⭐ Fill a Sales or Talent Pipeline ⭐

✔️ Individuals who want to monetize their ideas directly.
✔️ Organizations that want to monetize their thought leadership indirectly (🡡 new prospects and 🡡 account penetration).
✔️ Attract top-tier talent (people who currently are or who can become thought leaders).

⭐ Spark or Sustain a Conversation ⭐

✔️ Stay connected with prospects who are not ready to buy.
✔️ Appeal to media and influencers who are looking for insights that fit their “beat.”
✔️ Exercise convening power to rally people to tackle big issues (larger than a single individual or organization can address on their own).
✔️ Engage a community or build a new one. You don’t need to be the center of the community. Instead, be ready to actively discuss others’ insights and ideas.

⭐ Influence How People Think and Act ⭐

✔️ Encourage internal employees to embrace a vision for the future or adopt new way of working.
✔️ Help people prepare for a future (see a risk or opportunity). Relevant to customers, clients, or a vendor ecosystem.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. How have you seen thought leadership used?