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How Long Have You Practiced Thought Leadership?

Do you practice thought leadership?
And if so — how long have you been in the field?
Thought leadership has been a hot career lately 🔥.
In 2021, I’ve seen more people add “thought leadership” to their title than ever before. (welcome!)

How about you?

Here are a few ways you may have been practicing thought leadership:

💻 Sharing big ideas on social media.
🎙   Speaking at events.
🔬 Conducting original research.
📕 Writing articles, papers, and books.
📣 Helping others take their ideas to scale.

You don’t need to have thought leadership in your title at work.

But a growing number of people *do* have it in their title.

Some of us have practiced thought leadership for a few years.

Others of us for a decade or even two.

I’ve been in this field for just about twenty years.

(And I hope to be here another twenty years or more.)

How about you?