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How do You Localize Thought Leadership to an Audience?

How do you localize thought leadership to an audience?

Many fields talk about localization
🌍by geography
💬 by language
👐 by culture

But thought leadership often requires greater localization:

🔍 by profession
⚒️ by role
📰 by current context

You have to meet your audience where they are.
Not where you currently stand.

Yes, thought leadership addresses big problems,
and many big problems are universal. 🌎

The challenge of localization is about more than language.

It’s about reaching people 📢, telling authentic stories 📖
and sharing your experiences in a way that makes them lean in.

Thought leadership needs to have deep relevance to your target audience.

If you can’t show them that the problem is larger than a single subsect
of location, industry, or market,
then the audience will “tune out” –
even if they’re exactly the right audience for your content.

Thought leadership needs to transcend its origin
and reach across barriers
in order to make real change.

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