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How Do You Attract / Retain Top Talent?

How do you attract/retain top talent?
Here’s one way.
Invest in your team’s thought leadership 💡skills.
People want to know “how will I grow here?”

Your high performers and
your high potentials want to take on bigger challenges.
They want to see their ideas come to life.
They are motivated to produce meaningful impact.

So, invest in them. Give them the support they need to:

🎙️Present their ideas.
💻Write articles.
📢 Evangelize their insights
👀Become more visible internally & externally.

The wonderful part of thought leadership is that it can
produce powerful intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

Your best performers will love it when they feel
that they have the support they need to grow
and they’re accomplishing things they never thought possible.

And — it becomes easier for them to rise in your organization.

Thought leadership is an amazingly cost-effective talent strategy.

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