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How do I get Started with Thought Leadership?

It’s good to practice thought leadership.
But when should you dive in?

I’ve seen many people start as late as their 50s.
And they generally say, “I should have started sooner.”

A better question is, “How do I get started?”
Especially, if you’re working as an employee
within an organization.

1️⃣ Start small

When you start out, you might not have original insights.
And that’s okay.
As Steve Watt says, start by “demonstrating public expertise”.
Show what you know.

2️⃣ Do a little bit every day.

Like saving for retirement, 💸 it’s best to start early.
Begin with small steps in your 20s. 🤏
Increase your effort a little bit each year. 📅
When you start early, you leverage the compounding effect.
Small, sustained efforts yield big results over time.

3️⃣ Build strong relationships through projects:

Say yes when people ask you.
Volunteer if they don’t ask you.
Invite others to work on a project with you.

4️⃣ Look for opportunities everywhere:

📣 Find opportunities at your current role.
🆘 Seek out ways to help people with their projects.
💭 Build your reputation as an in-house expert.

Many of us aren’t in our 20’s anymore.
We’ve learned a lot along the way – and that means we have more insights to share.
Just remember — it’s never too late to start practicing thought leadership!

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