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Happy Bloomsday

Happy Bloomsday (June 16).
Years ago, I studied to be a Modernist scholar.
And I had a special fondness for
James Joyce’s “Ulysses”.

Bloomsday is an annual celebration
of the book, which traces a day in the life
of Leopold Bloom and other characters
as they weave through the city of Dublin.

For me, Bloomsday is a yearly reminder
of my career road not traveled.

I spent a good part of my twenties
studying to earn a Ph.D. in English Lit.

“Give me a tweed jacket with elbow patches!”
And I might have spent my career teaching literature to undergrads. 📘

I loved the literature.
I loved teaching students.
But I didn’t love academia.

It left me feeling hollow,
my head filled with straw.

So, I left. And started a new journey.

I’m quite happy with the career I followed.
The field of thought leadership has become
my passion and joy.

But it’s good to think back
and savor the agenbyte of inwyt.

So, that’s a bit about me.

There are few straight lines in our lives.
And that’s what keeps it interesting!

Maybe you also set a career path aside.

What career dream did you let go of?
And what did you pursue?

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