Getting Emotional with Thought Leadership | Christopher Brace


Injecting emotion into thought leadership to engage and inspire.

An interview with Christopher Brace about creating emotional connections that allow brands to tell stories and inspire others to action.

Today’s guest is Christopher Brace, a global executive successful at building highly effective integrated marketing teams across complex organizations to drive awareness and product sales.

We start our conversation off by discussing how you can emotionally bond customers to a brand of consumer product. These same techniques are used to create an emotional connection to an idea.

Connecting Stories to Brand

Christopher shares how he gets his customers to tell the stories that connect them to a brand. Next, he explains how he is able to fast track focus groups to get to the emotional core. Afterwards, Christopher reveals how the information can tell a story that can inspire and ultimately alter behavior.

It takes more than simply getting people emotional to create loyalty. First, you need to dislodge customers from old ideas before they’ll accept the new ones. Christopher walks us through that process. In addition, he discusses why you should be careful to avoid changing too many behaviors at one time or you risk people digging in and not budging at all.

Finally, this episode is a fascinating look at how emotion can rule our choices over rational thinking. It shows how thought leaders can use that for a positive change!

Three Key Takeaways

  • Thought leadership that connects on an emotion level allows you to engage people in your brand’s story and inspire them to action.
  • Research into what clients like or dislike about your thought leadership content must move beyond rational thinking. It should delve into the emotional realm where we make our choices.
  • The average person is only capable of changing three behaviors at a time. To avoid clients resisting change, ensure your thought leadership does not attempt to change many habits too quickly.

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