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Frozen Thinking

People aren’t serfs.
We’re not tied to one job for life.
Yet this week, the Qatar Airways CEO said:
“People learned to get easy money from working out of their homes, and fewer people now want to come and do the jobs that they were doing.”

Now, my “beat” isn’t #workfromhome or #employeeretention.
I’m sure folks will have a lot to say on that front.

But this one quote stood out to me as an
example of “frozen thinking.” ❄️🧠
And that’s my lane when it comes to #thoughtleadership.

Is it wise to expect the present will conform
to the patterns of the past?

No. It’s very risky.

The world of thought leadership requires:
👀seeing around the corner into the future
🪜taking small steps today to prepare for that future.

“Frozen thinking” exemplifies an unwillingness
to see change and respond to it.

In a “frozen thinking” mindset,
it’s a lot easier to blame others for “poor choices”
that don’t align with what you want.

Rather than respond to today’s changes
or prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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