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During my career, I’ve gone through the archives 📕 of many thought leaders.
I’ve reviewed an amazing number of thoughts 💭, insights 🌟, and fresh ideas 💡.

And, I’ve seen a pattern – one which I’ve come to call “Franken-content.” ☠️🤖

Franken-content happens when generic content
– material far outside of the thought leader’s core insights –
is “bolted on” 🪛 to a thought leader’s core ideas.

It’s like having that golden ticket 🎫 to a Beatles reunion show.
And all the audience wants to hear is “Freebird!” 😖

Franken-content comes about because people have good intentions:

People ask, “Can you add in little bit about X for us?”
“Can you squeeze in a bit of Y?”
“Wouldn’t it be cool if we did something unique?”

Your content starts to sound mushy – like an overripe banana 🍌,
because you’re delivering a pastiche of other people’s ideas.

If you’re practicing thought leadership—
Whether on your own
Or on behalf of your organization—
Have the courage 🦁 to say “no”
when people pull you away from your core ideas.

It’s okay to say:
“I don’t really have much to add on that topic.”
“That’s not my lane.”

How often do you wind up creating Franken-content? ☠️🤖
And when have you had the courage to say “no”
to requests outside your expertise?

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