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Evolution of Thought Leadership | Juliet Funt

Evolution of Thought Leadership | Juliet Funt

Evolving thought leadership from post-it to page.

An interview with Juliet Funt about how she has evolved her thought leadership over the years as a keynote speaker and now an author.

Today we have the lovely Juliet Funt joining us! Juliet is a keynote speaker, and the CEO of White Space at Work.  White Space at Work for the last decade has helped businesses gain back thousands of hours of lost productivity by helping employees find more time to pause and think. In 2021, Juliet’s first business book being published by HarperCollins will hit the market.

We take a retrospective look at  Juliet’s work starting with her time as a youth and education speaker. We converse about how her speaking advanced from helping at the university level to turning into a message that corporations could use.

Juliet explains where White Space came from and how the idea was formed.  Also, we discuss how her content has evolved over the years across several modalities.

This is a great conversation that provides insight about the evolution of thought leadership, starting on a single page with three words then growing into solid advice for Fortune 500 companies.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Thought leaders should keep a notepad or voice recorded to jot down ideas as they come to them regardless of when or where inspiration strikes.
  • Thought leaders need to document stories of client success using their content. It can be useful in many ways in the future.
  • Locking yourself in a room with other creative types for a long period of time can create more impactful thought leadership than what will come out of several hour-long conversations.

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