Events for Thought Leaders | Anthony Vade

The Future of Events for Thought Leaders

The Future of Events for Thought Leaders

An interview with Anthony Vade about creating meaningful and impactful events.

Today’s guest is Anthony Vade, the Experience Architect at FMAV, an audiovisual and event technology company that is helping event planners and thought leaders transform how events are produced.

Anthony starts by explaining what an Experience Architect does and how he is helping to transform the events industry to be more than just a box of gears.  We discuss the Event Design Collective and the Events Canvas. Then, we talk about what the core principles are and how this powerful tool is helping uncover what the needs are and how to get everyone in alignment with what the event should be.

In addition, Anthony gives some excellent advice for speakers seeking to find a solution in our COVID-19 world where digital presentation is the only available avenue. Furthermore, we garner some insight into the technology available and what the future of events might look like using VR, AR, XR, or a mix of these exciting technologies.

You can find a sample of the uses of technology Anthony spoke of here.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • When planning a digital event thought leaders need to consider time frame and intimacy.
  • Thought leaders will want to ensure everyone involved in an event and on the same page about what they want the event to accomplish.
  • If thought leaders are going to produce digital content, they have to ensure the audio quality is good or risk losing the audience.

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