Driving Engagement through Thought Leadership

Org TL Minute: Episode 25


Thought leadership practitioners can learn an important lesson from the fields of engagement and satisfaction. There’s a rule in those fields that says your customers and clients will never be more satisfied than your employees. So, if you want to increase customer satisfaction and financial profitability, it makes sense to invest in employee satisfaction and engagement. There’s a payoff and a direct correlation. Now let’s transfer that idea into the world of thought leadership. Here’s the corollary. If you want people to care about your ideas, they will never care more about them than you do.

Therefore, rule number one. Be passionate about your idea. Show that passion.

Second, communicate that passion to the people closest to you. If you’re in an organization, and you’re responsible for thought leadership, make sure that your colleagues within the organization—the employees—understand the idea that connect it to the business’ objectives and they see how it creates value for others outside the organization. So that they can help you tell that story.

That’s the power of understanding passion when it comes to thought leadership.