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Digital Products for Thought Leadership

Most people who work in the #content business
find themselves daydreaming 🤔💭 of scalable products —
digital courses, online assessments, or interactive videos.

But while these ideas come quickly, 🌬️💨
surprisingly few #thoughtleaders build these products.
And fewer actually generate #revenue 💵 from them.

#Thoughtleadership is the business of #ideas and content.
These ideas spread faster and further
when they’re embedded within 💻 digital product.
Digital product doesn’t require you to be in the room,
and that means the results can be game-changing. 🏆

However, most thought leaders don’t create digital products.
Occasionally, they’ll spend a weekend tinkering. ⚒️
Maybe they scratch out some notes
or shoot some videos 📽️ in a home studio.
But soon, life gets in the way, and the digital content never gets finished.

Here are three tips:

⚒️ First, only work on projects people want to buy.
⚒️ Second, enlist other experts, to make sure the job gets done.
⚒️ And lastly, set aside time,
and recognize that digital products are worth their weight in gold.

The people who have built successful digital content for the B2B space
treat such projects as a priority —
making sure they have the right resources and the right team.

They’re the doers who stand out among the many thinkers and tinkerers.

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