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The difference between a person’s thought leadership and their personal brand.

I get a lot of questions asking about the difference between
A person’s thought leadership and their personal brand.

Here’s the POV that I’ve developed over the years:

🌱 People have personal brands (and if we’re smart, we tend to them, like caring for a garden).

📊 Orgs have corporate brands (those are managed and measured).

💡Ideas need brands as well — and that’s a thought leadership “platform”

If your ideas don’t have a brand, they act like a toddler. 👶
They run off giggling in a random direction, for about 5 steps.
And then – they shriek and run back to you.

Those ideas latch themselves either to your personal brand or the org’s brand.

And they hold on with a death grip
Just like a toddler grips their parent’s knee in the grocery store.
(Never, ever, ever, ever letting go!)

Ideas without a brand can’t stand on their own for very long.

They certainly won’t scale on their own –
unless they have their own brand.
That’s what gives ideas scalable power.

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