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Cut the Gordian Knot

When we encounter a challenge that’s new to us.
Our first instinct is to try to solve it ourselves. 🤔
Rather than ask “Who really understands this problem well?”

Welcome to the knotty paradox 🪢 of thought leadership.

When people encounter a challenge,
they often think it’s unique to them.
“No one has ever encountered this before!”

Yet, the people who have much-needed expertise
tell themselves the solution must be trivial.
“If I solved this problem, everyone else 🌏 must have too!”
And so, they don’t speak up and share their idea.

💡 Ideas aren’t sought out.
🌟 Insights aren’t shared.

How do you solve this problem?
Be like Alexander, and cut the Gordian Knot 🗡️

Thought leadership is two things:

1. See the patterns across individuals and organizations.
2. Make sure that good insights get to the people who need them.

Ideas do not reach scale on their own.
They never have.
Someone has to take action.

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