Creating Thought Leader Evangelism | Sean Davis


Using Thought Leadership to Evangelize Your Message and Mission

An interview with Sean Davis about using thought leadership to evangelize, build trust, and create measurable feedback.

Today’s guest is Sean Davis, Information Security Advisor, DevSecOps at TransUnion, and former Chief Transformation Evangelist at Equifax.

Sean sits down with us to explain the role of an evangelist, the challenges he faces, methods of engaging with clients, and how to build trust.  We discuss how connecting with employees, helping them understand their value to the mission, and vision of the company can increase happiness and uncap potential client satisfaction. Sean provides details on connecting evangelism in the field to leadership and management of a company. Then, defines how the overall vision comes to life once these things are connected.  We finish off with Sean sharing some great tips for anyone entering the role of evangelist for their organization.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  •  How to evangelize your thought leadership to build trust.
  •  How thought leaders can improve employee satisfaction by helping them understand their importance to the overall mission.
  • What hardships thought leaders will face when trying to spread the message of the company.

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