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Creating New Lines of Communication for Thought Leadership | Traci Conley

Creating New Lines of Communication for Thought Leadership | Traci Conley | 350

Developing new methods of engagement and outreach for thought leadership during unconventional times.

An interview with Traci Conely about maintaining communication and growing communities during a pandemic.

When you can no longer meet face to face, how do you update vital information with medical professionals and the at-risk patients they serve?

Our guest today is Traci Conley, the Thought Leadership Manager for Standard Imaging, Inc., a company that has become the leading supplier of calibration and quality assurance instruments for healthcare, including a broad range of solutions and support for radiation therapy. Traci is also the host of Out of the Gray, a podcast that looks at the world of Radiation Oncology.

Traci started her role as Manager of Thought Leadership around the same time as the COVID-19 outbreak, which made the traditional means of communications with healthcare professionals and patients nearly impossible. In today’s conversation, we discuss new methods being used by thought leaders in the healthcare field to maintain the spread of crucial information while keeping everyone safe.

Before moving into the role of thought leadership practitioner, Traci worked as a radiation therapist. She shares how her work in the field gives her a unique view of medical processes and communication; a viewpoint that now allows her to help develop practical and effective solutions. This includes building communities to provide open communication, allowing the flow of questions and answers to better the whole

If you are struggling to find new ways to maintain communication, or want to build communities for your industry, this conversation will give you insight about practical steps toward success.

Three Key Takeaways:
  • When unable to meet in person, being able to deliver Thought Leadership through webinars and e-training is essential.
  • Podcasts can provide a much-needed space for experts to share experiences. This is a great way to expand your Thought Leadership presence.
  • When building communities of thought leadership, be careful to share the spotlight, and make sure everyone has a voice.

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