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Create. Curate. Deploy.

Some organizations treat thought leadership as a one-time event 🎉🎈

They share ideas, and then don’t follow up.
Soon, everyone’s forgotten the point.

The most successful organizations see TL as an ongoing, formal process. 💡🏭
They stay in touch with their audience.
They support their ideas, listen to feedback, and continually improve. 📈
And people come back, again and again, for more.

To be effective, thought leadership must be shared on a consistent basis.
How do we do that?

Create. Curate. Deploy.

⚙️ Create
Anyone in the organization can have a good idea. 💡
Every employee should be allowed to spend time creating and sharing thought leadership.
Encourage them, and align creation tasks to their strengths.

⚙️ Curate
Elevate ideas that align with the organization’s objectives. 🏆
Provide support, and ensure the thought leadership system runs smoothly.
Keep a record of the organization’s thought leadership, and re-use the best insights.

⚙️ Deploy
Find your best audience, and inspire them with your best insights. ⭐
Share your thought leadership where they already cluster; online or offline.
Keep a steady flow of ideas rolling out – just enough to keep your audience engaged.

That’s how organizations do thought leadership right.

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