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Content Insecurity Leads to Bad Habits

#Content insecurity 👾 happens when
#thoughtleader can’t stop tweaking their content. 📝
Suffering from content insecurity leads to bad habits 👾👾👾
that can really cut a thought leader down.

🚀 Delay
Content insecurity delays ⏰ a thought leader’s work.
They’re convinced that they need to do more deep #thinking,
rather than focusing on their best ideas.

🚀 Contradictions
Content insecurity can cause a thought leader
to contradict 🚫 their content.
They constantly change their minds, looking for new things,
Or they turn away and ignore the strengths of their material.

🚀 Self-Sabotage
Content insecurity ruins your confidence,
and can lead to self-sabotage.
Self-sabotage not only undermines ⛏️ a thought leader’s content,
it also destroys the leader’s credibility as an #expert.

🚀 Loose Ends
Content insecurity leads to never finishing 💀 anything.
They’ve got great ideas, your content is strong,
but they never trust a product enough to let go.

🚀 Mother birds 🐦 occasionally have to push their babies
out of the nest 🪹 to see them fly.
Similarly, a thought leader needs to realize
when it’s time to let their content speak for itself.

Avoid these four bad habits and trust your #ideas.
You can fly – and your content can, too!


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