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Consistent Thought Leadership

Are you creating intellectual whiplash 🤯
among your target audiences?

One big idea/theme today.
A different big idea/theme tomorrow.

It’s hard to build an audience that way.
Because no one knows your “lane.”

You become like that weird college radio station
where “DJ Random” 🎧 grabs a handful of records 💽
and plays whatever songs they felt like.

Don’t be DJ Random.
Don’t broadcast your latest impulse.
That’s weak thoughtleadership.

In thought leadership, you want to be
more consistent than college radio station’s
“cool songs of the week” program.

Your audience wants to know
the type of music they’ll hear
before they tune in.

That’s why they tune in to *you*.

Sure, it’s okay to produce a bit of surprise and delight
with an unexpected idea every now and then.
That keeps your work fresh and fun.

But your ideas will reach scale faster
when you find your “lane”
and stick to it.

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