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Collaboration Curious

What does it mean to be “collaboration curious” about #thoughtleadership?

These are the people in your org who are open to the idea of thought leadership.
They know it’s good for their own career.
And they want to help the org succeed.

We talked about these “collaboration curious” people in this month’s edition of the #OrgTL Roundtable.

And as a group we came up with several examples:

✅ Execs who know they need to help the CEO communicate the vision to people — either internally or externally
✅ SMEs with deep knowledge but who usually only talk to other SMEs
✅ Business unit heads who are seeking fresh ways to get ideas out.
✅ Product marketers and heads of brand who want allies in their work

Who are the “collaboration curious” people within your org?

And how can you use your org’s thought leadership work to help them reach their goals?

If you do it right, you’ll create powerful examples of what thought leadership can do.

And others will ask, “can we try that too?”

Go find your collaboration curious colleagues — and do some amazing thought leadership together!

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