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Coining a Term in Business

There’s incredible power 🔥 in coining a term in business.
A term can define how people think 🧠💭and talk 📢 about a topic.
Marketers talk about category creation.
Thought leadership works on an even broader canvas.

When you add a term to the business lexicon. 📖
You shape the landscape of the conversation.

Now, it takes real work to introduce a term
and make it commonplace in your field
(or in general business conversation).

I’m not talking about
“coining new words for the sake of new words.”
(Ask me about the inkhorn controversy
of the 16th century!) 🪶

I’m talking about introducing language that
reframes the way people think about a problem –
and what they see 👀 as possible.

When you hear other people use the language you’ve created,
it’s a great signal that an idea has reached scale!

At first, the term will feel unfamiliar, 🤔
maybe even awkward 🙃 to others.
But, if it’s a useful term, it’ll get repeated.
And your idea will spread. 😊

A few words of advice:
1️⃣ Keep your content light, familiar, and easy to remember,
2️⃣ Use new terms sparsely,
3️⃣ Make them informative and authoritative,
4️⃣ And keep them relevant to your most important insights.

New terms can make your thought leadership stand out –
and sharing a common language with your audience
builds a community that lasts.

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