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Cognitive Load in Thought Leadership

Help people achieve *their* impossible.
That’s at the heart of thought leadership.
And that’s hard work. So, today a story and metaphor.
Yesterday, I helped my 80 year-old parents upgrade their mobile phones📲.

You probably know the drill.
📶Connect to wifi and the carrier
🔢Transfer data and photos
⬇️ Download apps and security patches

If you know what you’re doing, the project takes a few hours end-to-end.

Or if you’re uncomfortable with tech, like my parents, it would be a nightmare.

These sort of days remind me to be patient and humble.

I’ve learned a few lessons over the years working with my parents.

✅ We do the upgrade at their home (where they are comfortable).
✅ I set aside a day to teach and coach.
✅ We focus on connecting (rather than the tech).

My parents think I have amazing tech knowledge–
but I’d say that I’ve got just enough to get by.

I see the huge gaps in my knowledge.
Most techs at a Verizon store could run circles around me.

But my parents didn’t need world-changing insights.
They needed someone who would invest time in them.
And share knowledge they needed.

Use your knowledge and skills wisely.

Help someone achieve *their* impossible.

There’s a joy in that.

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