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Celebrating Women in Thought Leadership

Even as more women in business are getting the recognition they deserve, only 1 in 4 organizations are making the advancement of women a top 10 priority. That’s far too small!

The IBM Institute for Business Value reported that organizations who prioritize the advancement of women report a rate of revenue growth as much as 61% higher than other organizations. Up to 60% report that they are more innovative, as well.

It’s time we recognize the exceptional work of women in thought leadership; brilliant and motivated women who create, curate, and deploy thought leadership on behalf of their organizations.

I’ve worked in thought leadership for the past twenty years, and I’ve spoken with plenty of thought leaders whose work was undervalued simply because of their gender. We need to celebrate and advance the many inspiring women in thought leadership. Their work benefits us all.

Together as a thought leadership community, we need to:

  • Recognize organizations who have made efforts to develop women as thought leaders and promote them to audiences inside and outside their organization.
  • Spread the word about achievements and thought leadership campaigns created by or for women.
  • Identify and celebrate women who have achieved excellence in thought leadership on behalf of themselves and/or their organizations.

If you, or your organization, fit one of these categories, or (most importantly) if you know someone who fits a category, I’m asking you to help raise awareness of their work. Reach out to them and say, “I think your work is exceptional.”

Let’s celebrate the amazing women in thought leadership together.