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Caring for Yourself and Your Thought Leadership

Org TL Minute: Episode 3


A word today for those who create their organization’s thought leadership. We’re currently living in a springtime of isolation.

Today’s news can seem rough, and tomorrow’s will probably be tougher.

And that presents a challenge for people creating thought leadership. We create thought leadership by looking deeply at today’s world. We search for emerging patterns. We try to project today’s trends forward.

That’s when our normal information-seeking habits can turn against us. They can easily produce cognitive overload, stress, and fatigue.

So, if you’re responsible for creating your organization’s thought leadership, take care of yourself. Take a deep breath. Focus on what matters. Talk to others.

And if you’re curating thought leadership, make sure to reach out to your thought leaders and check in on them.

Our organizations (and the world) need people to be searching for the green shoots of hope and opportunity. I think that’s why thought leadership matters so much right now.

Thought leadership helps us envision and create the world we’re all eager to be living in again.

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