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Business Books

Your CEO/Board: “You should write a book.”
You: πŸ˜•
It’s happened to several of our clients.
What would you do?

One person said “no” to their board β€” for more than three years!
But you can’t say no to your board forever.

Another “soon-to-be author”
got the news from their CEO
as they walked into a meeting.
Was the CEO serious?

Neither person planned to write a business book.
They weren’t eager to become authors.
And they didn’t see themselves as thought leaders.

And yet, they’ve written business books.

This situation happens more than you’d think.

Here’s my advice if you get “recruited” as an author on behalf of your organization.

βœ… Accept that the book (probably) won’t be a best seller. Don’t get hung up on making any list.

βœ… Clearly tie the book project to the org’s goals. What does the book need to accomplish?

βœ… Bake biz dev into the research and writing process.

βœ… Write directly to your audience.

βœ… Use evergreen content. The book needs to be a business asset that has a 5-7 year useful lifespan.

So, have you been recruited by your org to write a book?
If so, how’d it go?

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