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Aspects of Thought Leadership that an Org Should Not Outsource

How does your org define its thought leadership function?
What roles sit underneath that TL umbrella ☔ ?

Some aspects of the thought leadership function are most definitely “delegable.”
(Or you can get guidance and support from a consultancy. 📞)
It’s no different than getting outside expertise for any business function.

But there are plenty of aspects of thought leadership
that an org should absolutely not 🚫 outsource.

And the first on my list would be the curation of internal thought leadership.

Nurturing internal experts to publicly share their expertise
and to practice thought leadership on behalf of the org.
That’s an internal role that can be filled by an outsider on an interim basis.

But outsourcing the thought leadership curation role, just to save money?
That’s 💯 crazy.

That would be like saying,
“We need to look super smart 💡 to our target audiences
and create impact; 📈
but *cost savings* is our primary consideration.” 🤔


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