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Adapting Thought Leadership Campaigns

Org TL Minute: Episode 8


Few companies had a thought leadership plan ready for COVID-19. And that means thought leadership practitioners have been adapting and re-inventing over the past few months.

When a crisis hits, people sometimes adopt a scarcity mindset.
I recently heard a story from a thought leadership practitioner who went to a senior executive with a list of 20 project ideas. The exec said “no” to each one.

Too much time, too few resources, won’t fit our culture. These constraints were real but they made it hard to reach the company’s thought leadership goals.

What’s the solution?

Shift your thinking to a “can if” mindset. If we were to implement this project, how could we make it work in the current environment? Constraints often serve as a catalyst for creativity.

Remember, your thought leadership objectives haven’t gone away, but you may need to find a new route to reach them.

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