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A Larger Community

Have you ever wished that you were part of a larger community?

Organizational Thought Leadership can be a lonely business. I’ve heard people say:

  • “Our TL team is a team of one—me!”
  • “My colleagues just don’t get what I do.”

I’ve heard this sentiment in many ways. When I started recording the OrgTL podcast, several guests told me that, in listening to it and being a part of it, they’d felt like they found a real community.

And that really made me think.

As thought leadership practitioners, we need to commit to building and nurturing communities.

Ideas flow faster through communities and communities can make good ideas even better.

That’s because healthy communities create:

  • Deep Relevance: “I belong here.”
  • Reciprocal Value: “We each receive more value than we give individually.”
  • Mutual Respect: “I feel safe and heard here.”
  • Anticipatory Joy: “I can’t wait to get back to the group.”

I encourage you to think about the people you serve through your thought leadership—whoever they are.

  • Are they hungry for a greater sense of community?
  • How can you help build (and nurture) these communities?

We can all do more. Together.